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About Us

Who We Are

Helping Hand is a full-service fundraising company that produces  auctions for charity events across the United States including New York  City, Dallas, Miami, Boston, and Chicago.  We host, run, and provide  product to auctions of varying sizes from simply providing product to  enhance an auction to setting up entire auctions. We are prepared to  handle both live and silent auctions depending on your needs. 


Helping Hand’s approach to fundraising is a great way to raise  additional money as each of our auctions and professional services are  entirely risk and cost free.  We cover all expenses associated with your  event including transportation and shipping.  All we need are the  tables! 


Helping Hand tailors our services to fit your needs.  While we are  equipped to handle every aspect of your fundraising event, we are also  able to provide you with the auction items and help you choose what is  most suitable for your audience.  We profile your attendees prior to  your event and then hand pick items to best fit your wants and needs.  From set up to break down, we create the bid sheets, monitor the  auction, even process donated items, facilitate the check-out process,  and create the ideal environment to maximize your proceeds.  For needs  that are more scaled down, we can simply set up a table or  two of items  to increase the revenue in your already existing auction. 

Once we hit our goal, we will put our plan into action. Make sure that you sign up for our newsletter so that you can keep up to date on our progress